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Slate – More Than Just a Roof Over Your Head………

Mention the word ‘slate’ to most people and their thoughts immediately turn to the roof over their heads.

However, SlateShack.co.uk skilled craftsmen have turned that thinking around by transforming nature’s raw material into stunning, hand-made homeware products.

Showcased at our premises in the heart of Fife, Scotland, the range includes placemats, coasters, plates, cake stands, pizza boards, candle holders, photo frames, memo boards and clocks.

Each item also has a foam backing to make sure your table is not damaged during use.

And as the shape and size of slate naturally varies, you know the finished SlateShack.co.uk product of your choice will always be unique.

Established in 2012, SlateShack.co.uk is the brainchild of Scottish businessman William. A. Braisby.

As managing director of his family roofing firm, William has worked with slates of all shapes and sizes for many years. However, he was keen to see the natural beauty of slate brought into homes rather than confined to roof tops.

Operating from custom-built premises in Fife, Scotland, the company’s craftsmen produce high quality slate products for customers across the UK and Europe.

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